Praying with the Four Seasons.

The four seasons of the year, is a time of reflection. Nature works hard during these seasons.  We can learn a lot from  reflecting  on nature . These seasons were put in place by the Creator and so are we ! Together with nature, we also set a time to reflect , to meditate and to give our spiritual life  a spiritual checkup . Together with nature after a rest, we will be able to reap   the fruits  of our work and enjoy creation anew.  There are many lessons that can be taken from the four seasons of the year . How are our ‘spiritual   seasons’ doing ?  Are we preparing  for a new spring, a new festival  of a virtuos  life ? Do we take advantage of restful  periods  so that we can enjoy some time with God alone ?  Are we letting God,  the vinedresser  to do his wonderful work in our souls ? Remember.” I am the vinedresser and you are the branches”.  A branch by itself can do nothing , unless it is connected to the trunk . No one can appreciate God’ creation  unless we wonder and wonder at what He has done.

Fall:: It’s the season to have a good look at our past and see if anything needs to be straightened.  Many a time we take things for granted , we feel fine and so think everything is great. We are satisfied with the way we live even if that means abusing and hurting others. We are happy and are not concerned with those around us. Why change ? well, we are not to be egoistic, we are to remember that we are the ‘body of Christ’ and if a member of this body is hurting, then something is not going right!

Fall also reminds us of the barren tree of the cross. It seems everything ended up in disaster. Yet, the tree of the cross is also waiting for the resurrected life. ” When I am lifted up, I will draw all to myself”.”Unless the grain of wheat  dies,  It just remains a grain of wheat, but if it dies it produces much fruit.”

In a way, Fall teaches us to be humble. The humble accepts his shortcomings, accepts that there is always room for improvement. There is a force within us , things  begin to happen if we only are willing to reform, to prepare for a new life awaiting us..  We are to be humble emough to yearn for the possible good.

As in Fall, we are to prune our way of living, we are to cut off whatever is hindering us from living a full person , fully alive.. We are to make sure that we are living the life we were meant to live. We are to be prepared for a ‘new spring’. “We are to become ‘ Alleluia’ people.”. (ST. Augustine).

Winter:: It is a time of rest. Nature needs a rest. Bare trees,  blowing wind and of course snow. Snow  is beautiful, but the passing beauty of snow might remind us of the short attraction of sin.  As in our spiritual life, we too need to take some time off from our busy’ ministries’.  We can give this season a spiritual dimension by calling it the ‘sacrament of waiting’.  This should not be  wasted time. It is a most deserved rest to pick up strength for a most beautiful spring. A season  with new life and new vigor. Rest is important. Some are so busy, even with their ministries that they do not have time for themselves or for their loved ones. It is important for us to look for ways to control our ‘energy’, to control  currents of tension that aggravate us. . Learn from Mother Nature. The more restful we are the more fruitful we become. We wait for a great symphony of colors and sounds . Wait with eager expectation , for something marvelous is going to take place. A new Pentecost!.

Spring::What a beautiful season! Nature now got rid of useless leaves, useless branches so others will take their place , that new life can flourish! Beautiful flowers, new greens on the trees, birds singing all around us , is a sign of a vigorous life , a sign of a new life., a sign that the rest was not invain . We are prepared for the journey.  It is a sign  that God is still among us and wants us to enjoy his masterpiece! Like this  beautiful season, we embrace our new spiritual life, a life ready to walk hand in hand with her God. Take a good walk during this season, look around you and appreciate the beauty of flowers, the singing of the birds, the lofty mountains ,  the vastness of the ocean  ,the green around you. Lift up your spirit and heart to God and say a big Thank You for sharing  creation with us. Before the resurrection, the disciples were timid, afraid to be known as followers of Jesus. But at Pentecost, suddenly they  were filled with the Holy Spirit and a new springtime began for the early Church!’ During this season sing the glories of God. Let your life shine and let your peace with God be contagious.

Are you more  Christian than before ? Can others see goodness in our lives ; are we better Christians , more Christ-like?  We , now  wear new  signs of life. Let us keep this hope alive.

Summer. What a beautiful, fruitful season.  All vegetation is blooming , the birds and all God’ creatures are all enjoying a fuller life. God has been good to us. He made the sun to shine and to warm, the rain to fall and everything around us to whisper his presence In this season;  we are encouraged to bloom, to bloom where we are planted.

The greatest force of nature has been set free to bring new life to everything it touches.  “When I see the sun and the moon and the starry heavens, I know for certain that the Creator has passed this way. These are footprints of God.”  It is  prececely in this beautiful natural  and spiritual season, that we are called witnesses of God’s creative hand. After a rest and a period of preparation, we are ready to be Christ’s hands, Christ’s feet, his voice  and his example..” Every person , by living a truly Christian life  is radiating sympathy or sorrow , hope or despair , cynism or joy. To live a Christian life is to radiate.” Be fully human, fully alive. Our presence as truly Christian people radiate warmth,  optimism,  purpose and meaning.  We , as Christians, have great responsibility to the rest of society.

So, embrace the seasons, they not only make life wonderful ,they  show us  the beauty of creation and by reflecting on them  they become the best of teachers of spirituality.

God bless you and yours.                                               Fr. David, O.P.

Prayer::O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder, consider all the worlds thy hands have

made. I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder…..birds sweetly singing in   the

trees. When I look down  from lofty mountain grandeur, and hear the brook and

feel the gentle breeze.  O God , how great thou art!!!( Music Issue)


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