Let Freedom Ring!!

The Fourth of July reminds us of our freedom as a nation , freedom that we ought to cherish and respect for it was gained at a cost. Freedom that has been defended by so many who gave their life that we may  be truly free.

The Holy Scriptures also remind us that we are called to be free and that part of that freedom is to ensure that we find time to evaluate the direction of our lives.

Freedom does not mean that all restrictions are lifted and now I can do  whatever I want. It does not mean that I can follow my inclinations and desires wherever they lead me. Such a person is not really free, he is a slave governed by inclinations instead by his head, as a free person.  St. Paul insists that we are free, free to live the life we were meant to live. This life is regulated by the Ten Commandments. The Commandments are not an infringement  on our freedom, on the contrary they really help us to live as free people.

“We are not to tear each other to pieces”.  Freedom brings certain obligations for, ‘freedom without responsibility is abusive license’. Our freedom is a freedom which loves God and our neighbor. Christianity is the only true democracy for it states that everyone should think as much of his neighbor as he does of himself.

Jesus teaches us the duty to love, to respect and to be tolerant. Now, tolerance must not be based on indifference but on love. We are not tolerant because we couldn’t care less, but because we look at others with love and wish them well.

The more  we live the gospel of Jesus, the more we promote freedom, love and justice. We are to be generous with what God has given us , and with Jesus on our side, we shall not be disturbed , we live in freedom.

‘I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America  and to the Republic for

which it stands,

One Nation , Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All’.

God bless you–God bless America.

Fr. David, O.P.




God bless you, God bless America!!

Fr. David, O.P.




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